Takao class heavy cruisers

(as complete)
Displacement9850t standard, 12,781t trial
Length192.54m pp, 201.67m wl, 203.76m oa
Machinery4-shaft geared turbine, 12 boilers, 130,000shp
Fueloil 2570t
Armourbelt 100mm (machinery), 125mm (magazine), deck 35mm, turret 25mm
Armament10-20.3cm/50cal gun (2x5), 4-12cm/45cal AA gun (1x4),
2-40mm AA, 8-61cm TT (2x4), 3 aircraft
(Takao, Atago after refit in 1940)
Displacementstandard 13,400t, trial 14,606t
Length192.54m pp, 201.70m wl, 203.76m oa
Armament10-20.3cm/50cal gun (2x5), 8-12.7cm/40cal AA gun (2x4),
8-25mm AA, 4-13.2mm AA, 16-61cm TT (4x4), 3 aircraft
(Chokai, Maya after refit in 1942)
Armament10-20.3cm/50cal gun (2x5), 8-12.7cm/45cal AA gun (2x4),
4-13.2mm AA, 8-61cm TT (2x4), 3 aircraft
(Maya after refit in 1943)
Displacementtrial 13,140t
Armament8-20.3cm/50cal gun (2x4), 12-12.7cm/45cal AA gun (2x6),
30-25mm AA, 8-61cm TT (2x4), 3 aircraft

Name Plan Builder Laid down Launch Complete
TakaoFY1927Yokosuka NYd1927. 4.281930. 5.121932. 5.31C11945. 7.31 damaged
1946.10.19 scuttled
(Malacca Strait)
1947. 5. 3 disc
AtagoFY1927Kure NYd1927. 4.281930. 6.161932. 3.30C11944.10.23 sunk
(torpedoed, Parawan Strait)
[09.24N, 117.11E]
1944.12.20 disc
MayaFY1927Kawasaki, Kobe1928.12. 41930.11. 81932. 6.30C11944.10.23 sunk
(torpedoed, Parawan Strait)
[09.24N, 117.11E]
1944.12.20 disc
ChokaiFY1927Mitsubishi, Nagasaki1928. 3.261931. 4. 51932. 6.30C11944.10.25 sunk
(air attack, off Samar I.)
[11.26N, 126.15E]
1944.12.20 disc

Takaos can be simply said modified version of Myokos. They had thicker armour for magazine belt, larger bridge for fleet headquarter (Myokos were considered squadron headquarter), and improved torpedo/aviation equipments. However the large superstructure made the stability of the ships worse than their model, therefore two of four sisters were modified to lower height of the bridge. Although rest two were also planned to do so, because of outbreak of the war, Chokai and Maya were served without this modification. In 1943, turret C was removed from Maya and anti-aircraft guns were added instead. All four were lost during Philippine campaign in October 1944. Atago (flagship of Vice-admiral Kurita) and Maya were torpedoed and sunk by US submarine, while Takao also suffered heavy damage and had to return to Singapore. Only survivor, Chokai, was sunk by US carrier-planes 2 days later. During reparation at Singapore, Takao was hit by British midget submarine attack. She was finally scuttled after Japan's surrender.
All Takaos were named after mountain to suite naming standard. Mt.Takao and Mt.Atago exists near Kyoto. Mt.Maya is on the north of Kobe, and Mt.Chokai stands at border between Yamagata and Akita prefectures.

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