Myoko class heavy cruisers

Myoko (after refit in 1941)

(as completed)
Displacement10,000t standard, 13,120t trial
Length192.39m pp, 201.50m wl, 203.76m oa
Machinery4-shaft geared turbine, 12 boilers, 130,000shp
Fueloil 2470t
Armourbelt 100mm, deck 35mm, turret 25mm, barbette 75mm
Armament10-20cm/50cal gun (2x5), 6-12cm/45cal AA gun (1x6), 2 MGs,
12-61cm TT (3x4), 2 aircraft
(after refit in 1936)
Armament10-20cm/50cal gun (2x5), 8-12.7cm/40cal AA gun (2x4),
4-13.2mm AA, 8-61cm TT (4x2), 2 aircraft
(after refit in 1941)
Displacement13,000t standard, 14,743t trial
Length192.39m pp, 201.70m wl, 203.76m oa
Armament10-20.3cm/50cal gun (2x5), 8-12.7cm/40cal AA gun (2x4),
8-25mm AA, 4-13.2mm AA, 16-61cm TT (4x4), 3 aircraft

Name Plan Builder Laid down Launch Complete
MyokoFY1923Yokosuka NYd1924.10.251927. 4.161929. 7.31C11946. 7. 8 scuttled
(Malacca Strait)
1946. 8.10 disc
NachiFY1923Kure NYd1924.11.261927. 6.151928.11.26C11944.11. 5 sunk
(air attack, Manila bay)
1945. 1.20 disc
HaguroFY1923Mitsubishi, Nagasaki1925. 3.161928. 3.241929. 4.25C11945. 5.16 sunk
(action, W of Malay)
[05.00N, 99.30E]
1945. 6.20 disc
AshigaraFY1923Kawasaki, Kobe1925. 4.111928. 4.221929. 8.20C11945. 6. 8 sunk
(torpedoed, S of Singapore)
[01.59S, 104.57E]
1945. 8.20 disc

Nachi (final) - model produced by: Hasegawa Co., assembled and painted by: Hiroshi Nishida (Misohito)

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Copyright © Hiroshi Nishida (Misohito), 2002.
Illustration by courtesy of Tensho