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Who is on the list ? Basic information Career Index

Who is on the list ?

This list contains:
  • all rear, vice-, full admirals including specific service officers
  • some of important lower rank officers
  • some of important enlisted, specialized officers
  • some of important civilians

Basic information

Shown as "surname, first name".
This is not completely accurate, especially in old era (such as begining of Meiji). Translated to latin character according to the Hepburn system.
It is a prefecture name that his registration city (town, village) belongs. It may not be born place. If he is a member of Royal family, this item is omitted.
Academic career
Graduation class of Naval academy and Naval college if applicable. If he suffered honnor in graduation, additionally stated.


Shown as "year.month.date". If all or part of date is left blank, it represents unknown.
The rank was represented as abbreviation (see table). Enlisting reserved, mobiliazation, and demobilization are also placed here.
Other title
Receiving medals, or becoming / climbing peerage are recorded.
Lists jobs mainly as naval services. If he has mutiple jobs concurrently, it was represented as "main job / concurrent job". There can be three or more jobs.
In some case, jobs as cabinet, diet, imperial court, or private company are also listed.
Number in parenthesis after "died" is the age in years.


Listed as his surname, first name, highest rank, and academy class or year joined Navy (in specific service officer), in sequence of surname and first name.

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