Hatsutaka class minelayers

Displacement1608t standard, 1860t trial
Length82.5m pp, 86.5m wl, 90.9m oa
Machinery2-shaft geared turbine, 3 boilers, 6000shp
Armament2-8cm/40cal AA gun (Wakataka), 4-40mm AA (other than Wakataka), 4-25mm AA, 360 mines

Name Plan Builder Laid down Launch Complete
HatsutakaFY1937Harima SB1938. 3.291939. 4.281939.10.31ML1945. 5.16 sunk
(torpedoed, E of Malaysia Pen)
[04.49N, 103.31E]
1945. 8.10 disc
AotakaFY1937Harima SB1939. 5.101940. 2. 51940. 6.30ML1944. 9.26 sunk
(torpedoed, N of Borneo)
[07.00N, 116.00E]
1944.11.10 disc
WakatakaFY1939Harima SB1940.11.251941. 7.121941.11.30ML1946. 3. 1 disc
1947 to UK
AsadoriFY1942----1943 cancelled

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