Hashima class cablelayers

Displacement1564t standard, 1670t trial
Length68.7m pp, 70.0m wl, 79.9m oa
Machinery2-shaft recipro, 2 boilers, 2300ihp
Armament1-8cm/40cal AA gun, 2-13.2mm AA, 120 mines

Name Plan Builder Laid down Launch Complete
HashimaFY1937Kawasaki, Kobe1939.10.151940?miscellaneous1940.10.25 MLC
1945. 4.28 sunk
(torpedoed, S of Honshu)
[33.58N, 136.17E]
1945. 7.10 disc
TsurushimaFY1937Kawasaki, Kobe1940. 1.151940. 5.241941. 3.28MLC1945.11.30 disc
1948 to Dept of Transport
OdateFY1937Harima SB1940. 4.221940.12.111941. 7.31MLC1945. 3.27 sunk
(torpedoed, East China sea)
[30.40N, 127.50E]
1945. 7.10 disc
TateishiFY1937Harima SB1940. 4.221941. 3. 11941. 8.31MLC1945. 3.21 sunk
(air attack, South China Sea)
[11.50N, 109.18E]
1945. 5.10 disc

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