Hatsuharu class 1st class destroyers

Hatsuharu (as completed)

Hatsuharu (after modification)

(Hatsuharu, Nenohi as completed)
Displacement1490t standard, 1650t trial, 1802t full load
Length103.5m pp, 105.5m wl, 109.5m oa
Machinery2-shaft geared turbine, 3 boilers, 42,000shp
Fueloil 500t
Armament5-12.7cm/50cal DP gun (2x2, 1x1), 2-13.2mm AA, 9-61cm TT (3x3), 14 DCs
(after modification)
Displacement1715t standard, 2066t trial
Armament5-12.7cm/50cal DP gun (2x2, 1x1), 2-13.2mm AA, 6-61cm TT (3x2), 14 DCs

Name Plan Builder Laid down Launch Complete
HatsuharuFY1931Sasebo NYd1931. 5.141933. 2.271933. 9.30DD11944.11.13 sunk
(air attack, Manila bay)
[14.35N, 120.50E]
1945. 1.10 disc
NenohiFY1931Uraga dock1931.12.151932.12.221933. 9.30DD11942. 7. 4 sunk
(torpedoed, near Attu I.)
[52.15N, 173.51E]
1942. 7.31 disc
HatsushimoFY1931Uraga dock1933. 1.311933.11. 41934. 9.27DD11945. 7.30 wrecked
(mined, Miyazu bay)
[35.33N, 135.12E]
1945. 9.30 disc
1948-1949 BU
WakabaFY1931Sasebo NYd1931.12.121934. 3.181934.10.31DD11944.10.24 sunk
(air attack, W of Panay)
[11.50N, 121.25E]
1944.12.10 disc
YugureFY1931Maizuru NYd1933. 4. 91934. 5. 61935. 3.30DD11943. 7.20 sunk
(air attack, Central Solomons)
[07.25S, 156.45E]
1943.10.15 disc
AriakeFY1931Kawasaki, Kobe1933. 1.141934. 9.231935. 3.25DD11943. 7.28 sunk
(air attack, Central Solomons)
[05.27S, 148.25E]
1943.10.15 disc

Nenohi (1933) - model produced by: Aoshima Bunka Kyozai Co., assembled and painted by: Hiroshi Nishida (Misohito)

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Copyright © Hiroshi Nishida (Misohito), 2003.
Illustration by courtesy of Tensho