Tone class heavy cruisers

Tone (1944)

Displacement11,215t standard, 13,110t trial, 15,200t full load
Length189.10m pp, 198.00m wl, 201.50m oa
Machinery4-shaft geared turbine, 8 boilers, 152,000shp
Armourbelt 100mm (machinery), 125mm (magazine), deck 30-60mm, turret 25mm
Armament8-20.3cm/50cal gun (2x4), 8-12.7cm/40cal DP gun (2x4), 12-25mm AA, 12-61cm TT (3x4), 6 aircraft

Name Plan Builder Laid down Launch Complete
ToneFY1934Mitsubishi, Nagasaki1934.12. 11937.11.211938.11.20C21945. 7.24 sunk
(air attack, near Kure)
[34.14N, 132.27E]
1945.11.20 disc
ChikumaFY1934Mitsubishi, Nagasaki1935.10. 11938. 3.191939. 5.20C21944.10.25 sunk
(air attack, E of Philippiens)
[11.22N, 126.16E]
1945. 4.20 disc

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Copyright © Hiroshi Nishida (Misohito), 2003.
Illustration by courtesy of Tensho