Zuiho class aircraft carriers


Displacement11,262t standard, 13,730t trial, 14,200t full load
Length185.0m pp, 201.45m wl, 204.8m oa
Machinery2-shaft geared-turbine, 4 boilers, 52,000shp
Fueloil 2600t
Armament8-12.7cm/40cal AA gun (2x4), 8-25mm AA, 30 aircraft

Name Plan Builder Laid down Launch Complete
ZuihoFY1934Yokosuka NYd1935. 6.201936. 6.19
(ST Takasaki)
1940.12.27CV1944.10.25 sunk
(air attack, NE of Philippines)
[19.20N, 125.15E]
1944.12.20 disc
ShohoFY1934Yokosuka NYd1934.12. 31935. 6. 11939. 1.15ST
1941.12.22 CV (Shoho)
1942. 5. 7 sunk
(air attack, Coral Sea)
[10.29S, 152.55E]
1942. 5.20 disc

Zuiho (Oct 1944) - model produced by: Hasegawa Co., assembled and painted by: Hiroshi Nishida (Misohito)

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Copyright © Hiroshi Nishida (Misohito), 2003.
Illustration by courtesy of Tensho