Akagi aircraft carrier

Akagi(as completed)

Akagi(after refit)

(as completed)
Displacement26,900t standard, 33,821t trial
Length235.0m pp, 249.0m wl, 260.7m oa
Machinery4-shaft geared turbine, 19-boilers, 131,200shp
Fueloil 3900t, coal 2100t
Armourbelt 250mm
Armament10-20cm/50cal. gun (2x2, 1x6), 12-12cm/45cal. AA gun (2x6), 22 MGs, 60 aircraft
(1938 after refit)
Displacement36,500t standard, 40,650t trial, 42,750t full load
Length235.0m pp, 250.3m wl, 260.7m oa
Machinery4-shaft geared turbine, 19-boilers, 133,000shp
Fueloil 6000t
Armourbelt 250mm
Armament6-20cm/50cal. gun (1x6), 12-12cm/45cal. AA gun (2x6), 28-25mm AA MG, 91 aircraft

Name Plan Builder Laid down Launch Complete
AkagiFY1917Kue NYd1920.12. 61925. 4.221927. 3.25CV1942. 6. 5 sunk
(air attack, Midway)
[30.30N, 179.08W]
1942. 9.25 disc

Akagi is planned as battlecruiser in 8-8 fleet programme. By Washington Treaty, the costruction as capital ship is suspended and allowed to convert to an aircraft carrier. Therefore, she was named after mountain followed by naming convention for battlecruisers. Mt.Akagi stand in Gunma Prefecture, NE of Maebashi-city.

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