Kaga class battleships

Kaga (plan)

Displacement39,900t normal, 44,200t full load
Length218m pp, 231.7m oa
Machinery4-shaft geared turbine, 12 boilers (oil-burning 8, mixed 4), 91,000shp
Fueloil 3600t, coal 1700t
Range6500nm/14kt, 5500nm/16kt, 2250nm/26.5kt
Armourbelt 240mm, bulkhead 230-280mm, barbette 230-300mm,
turret 230-300mm, CT 355mm, deck 100mm
Armament10-41cm/45cal gun (2x5), 20-14cm/50cal gun, 4-8cm AA gun,
8-61cm TT (above WL)

Name Plan Builder Laid down Launch Complete
KagaFY1917Kawasaki, Kobe1920. 7.191921.11.17-1922-23 converted to CV
1928. 3.31 completed as CV
1942. 6. 5 sunk
(air attack, off Midway)
[30.20N, 179.17W]
1942. 8.10 disc
TosaFY1917Mitsubishi, Nagasaki1920. 2.161921.12.18-1922. 2. 5 cancelled
1922. 7.31 acquired as incomplete
1924. 4.14 disc
1925. 2. 9 scuttled

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