Kongo class battlecruisers

Kirishima (as completed)

Kirishima (1940)

(as completed)
Displacement27,500t normal, 32,200t full load
Length211m wl, 214.5m oa
Machinery4-shaft turbine, 36 boilers, 64,000shp
Fueloil 1000t, coal 4000t
Armourbelt 75-200mm, barbette 250mm, turret 230mm, CT 250mm, deck 35-55mm
Armament8-36cm/45cal gun (2x4), 16-15.2cm/50cal gun, 8-8cm/40cal AA gun, 8-53cm TT (below WL)
Complement1221 (Kongo 1201)
(after refit in 1931)
Displacement29,330t standard, 31,785t trial
Machinery4-shaft turbine, 10 boilers, 64,000shp
Fueloil 3292t, coal 2661t
Armourmiddle deck 125mm (magazine), 80mm (engine), barbette/top of turret 75mm added
Armament8-36cm/45cal gun (2x4), 16-15.2cm/50cal gun, 4-8cm/40cal AA gun, 4-53cm TT (below WL), 3 aircraft
(after refit in 1940)
Displacement31,720t standard (Hiei 32,350t, Haruna 32,156t, Kirishima 31,980t),
35,740t trial (Hiei 36,400t, Haruna 36,023t)
Length219.61m wl, 222.05m oa
Machinery4-shaft geared turbine, 8 boilers (Hiei, Haruna 11), 136,000shp
Fueloil 6330t
Armament8-36cm/45cal gun (2x4), 14-15.2cm/50cal gun, 8-12.7cm/40cal AA gun (2x4),
4-40mm AA, 8-13.2mm AA, 3 aircraft

Name Plan Builder Laid down Launch Complete
KongoFY1907/1911UK Vickers1911. 1.171912. 5.181913. 8.16BC1931. 5.30 BB
1944.11.21 sunk
(Torpedoed, off Formosa)
[26.09N, 121.23E]
1945. 1.20 disc
HieiFY1904/1911Yokosuka NYd1911.11. 41912.11.211914. 8. 4BC1931. 5.30 BB
1932.12. 1 BBT
1942.11.13 sunk
(action, off Guadalcanal)
[09.00S, 159.00E]
1942.12.20 disc
HarunaFY1904/1911Kawasaki, Kobe1912. 3.161913.12.141915. 4.19BC1931. 5.30 BB
1945. 7.28 sunk in shallow water
(air attack, Kure)
[34.15N, 132.29E]
1945.11.20 disc
1946. 7. 4 BU complete
KirishimaFY1904/1911Mitsubishi, Nagasaki1912. 3.171913.12. 11915. 4.19BC1931. 5.30 BB
1942.11.15 sunk
(action, off Guadalcanal)
[09.05S, 159.42E]
1942.12.20 disc

Kongo (Rear, autumn 1944) - model produced by: Hasegawa Co., assembled and painted by: Hiroshi Nishida (Misohito). Kagero fore.

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Copyright © Hiroshi Nishida (Misohito), 2002.
Illustration by courtesy of Tensho