Azuma ironclad

Displacement1358t normal
Length55.7m wl, 59.0m oa
Machinery2-shaft recipro, 1200ihp
Fuelcoal 95t
Armourbelt 124-89mm, turret 124mm
Armament1-300pdr gun, 2-70pdr gun

Name Plan Builder Laid down Launch Complete
-Fr L'Arman18631864. 6.211864.10.251869. 2. 3 acquired (Kotetsu)
1871.12. 7 renamed(Azuma)
1888. 1.28 disc

A French-built ironclad, originally ordered by American Confederate States' Navy during American Civil War. When she was completed, Confederate States was blockaded by US (Federal) Navy, therefore she could not be handed to CS Navy. Finally, the War was over and CS Navy disappeared. She become to be sold to Japanese Shogunate Navy. When she arrived to Japan, the civil war between Shogun and Emperor has been broken out, both side would like to acquire her. After the war ended with Emperor's victory, she was officially transfered to Japanese 'New' navy and called Kotetsu. This word means 'Armoured', actually, she was an only armoured vessel in Japanese Navy at that time.
Later she was renamed Azuma, means 'east' or 'eastern area', sometimes 'eastern area in Japan, such as Tokyo or so.'

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