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SubmarinesHolland type SS-1 SS-2 SS-3 SS-4 SS-5
Submarinesmod-Holland type SS-6 SS-7
3rd class submarinesC1 type Ha-1 Ha-2
3rd class submarinesC2 type Ha-3 Ha-4 Ha-5
3rd class submarineS1 type Ha-10
3rd class submarineKawasaki type Ha-6
3rd class submarinesC3 type Ha-7 Ha-8
2nd class submarinesK1 type Ro-11 Ro-12
3rd class submarineS2 type Ha-9
2nd class submarinesF1 type Ro-1 Ro-2
2nd class submarinesL1 type Ro-51 Ro-52
2nd class submarinesK2 type Ro-13 Ro-14 Ro-15
2nd class submarinesL2 type Ro-53 Ro-54 Ro-55 Ro-56
2nd class submarinesK3 type Ro-16 Ro-17 Ro-18 Ro-19 Ro-20
Ro-21 Ro-22 Ro-23 Ro-24 Ro-25
2nd class submarinesF2 type Ro-3 Ro-4 Ro-5
2nd class submarinesL3 type Ro-57 Ro-58 Ro-59
2nd class submarinesK4 type Ro-26 Ro-27 Ro-28
2nd class submarinesKT type Ro-29 Ro-30 Ro-31 Ro-32
Submarines prize of WWI
1st class submarineKD1 type I-51
1st class submarineKD2 type I-52
2nd class submarinesL4 type Ro-60 Ro-61 Ro-62 Ro-63 Ro-64
Ro-65 Ro-66 Ro-67 Ro-68
1st class submarinesJ1 type I-1 I-2 I-3 I-4
1st class submarinesKD3a type I-53 I-54 I-55 I-58
1st class submarinesKRS type I-21 I-22 I-23 I-24
1st class submarinesKD3b type I-56 I-57 I-59 I-60 I-63
1st class submarinesKD4 type I-61 I-62 I-64
1st class submarinesKD5 type I-65 I-66 I-67
1st class submarineJ1M type I-5
1st class submarinesKD6a type I-68 I-69 I-70 I-71 I-72
1st class submarineJ2 type I-6
2nd class submarinesK5 type Ro-33 Ro-34
1st class submarinesJ3 type I-7 I-8
1st class submarinesKD6b type I-74 I-75
1st class submarinesC1 type I-16 I-18 I-20 I-22 I-24
1st class submarinesA1 type I-9 I-10 I-11
1st class submarinesB1 type I-15 I-17 I-19 I-21 I-23
I-25 I-26 I-27 I-28 I-29
I-30 I-31 I-32 I-33 I-34
I-35 I-36 I-37 I-38 I-39
1st class submarinesKD7 type I-176 I-177 I-178 I-179 I-180
I-181 I-182 I-183 I-184 I-185
2nd class submarinesKS type Ro-100 Ro-101 Ro-102 Ro-103 Ro-104
Ro-105 Ro-106 Ro-107 Ro-108 Ro-109
Ro-110 Ro-111 Ro-112 Ro-113 Ro-114
Ro-115 Ro-116 Ro-117
1st class submarinesB2 type I-40 I-41 I-42 I-43 I-44
2nd class submarinesK6 type Ro-35 Ro-36 Ro-37 Ro-38 Ro-39
Ro-40 Ro-41 Ro-42 Ro-43 Ro-44
Ro-45 Ro-46 Ro-47 Ro-48 Ro-49
Ro-50 Ro-55 Ro-56
1st class submarineA2 type I-12
1st class submarinesB3 type I-54 I-56 I-58
1st class submarinesC2 type I-46 I-47 I-48
1st class submarinesC3 type I-52 I-53 I-55
1st class submarinesB4 type
1st class submarinesC4 type
1st class submarinesD1 type I-361 I-362 I-363 I-364 I-365
I-366 I-367 I-368 I-369 I-370
I-371 I-372
1st class submarinesAM type I-13 I-14
1st class submarinesST type I-201 I-202 I-203
1st class submarinesSH type I-351
1st class submarinesD2 type I-373
1st class submarinesTK type I-400 I-401 I-402
2nd class submarinesSS type Ha-101 Ha-102 Ha-103 Ha-104 Ha-105
Ha-106 Ha-107 Ha-108 Ha-109 Ha-111
2nd class submarinesSTS type Ha-201 Ha-202 Ha-203 Ha-204 Ha-205
Ha-207 Ha-208 Ha-209 Ha-210 Ha-216
Army submarinesYu1 type
Army submarinesYu1001 type
Army submarinesYu2001 type
ex-German/Italian submarines I-501 I-502 I-503 I-504 I-505
I-506 Ro-500 Ro-501

Table of old-new submarine numbers

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