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Rank Structure of IJN

In Nov. 1st, 1942, Rank structure of IJN is significantly changed. I will show both before and after the date of change.
Vessels Naming standard

After the Russo-Japanese War, Naming standard for Imperial Japanese Naval Vessels were established.
Calendar table

Until 1872, in Japan lunar calendar system was used officially. In this site, lunar calendar date is used for that era. This provides partial conversion table from lunar calendar date which may be referred at somewhere in this site to Gregorian (solar) calendar date. I apologies that this table is "partial", only first day of the months for lunar calendar is listed there. Full table will be huge and maybe inconvinient.
In Japan, the day after the 2nd of 12th month, 1872 (of lunar calendar) became the 1st of January, 1873 (of Gregorian calendar).

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